Love – Hate Relationship

Today’s guest blog entry comes from a reader who wishes to keep his (or her) identity a secret. For purposes of this blog, I’ll call him (or her) “Anonymous. Click here to see my invitation to submit a guest blog entry.

Anonymous writes:

“I love the new generation of online poker apps. All of them. PokerBros, Pokerrr2, PPPoker, Global Poker and more have brought real money poker games to my smart phone so I can play poker all-day, every day at home, in the car, at the store, in self isolation during this COVID-19 shitstorm. It’s awesome.

I hate these poker apps. I can’t stop playing poker. I can’t sleep. I can’t concentrate on reading a book or enjoying a TV show or movie. I can’t maintain an erection in the middle of a nut flush draw with a gutshot to go with it.

I love playing poker against so many players who are new to these apps and desperate for a way to bide their time while sheltering in place. Most of the new players are awful. I just want to get my share of their money as fast as possible before it’s all gone.

I hate online poker. Poker is inherently a social game. I miss seeing people. I miss conversations during the games about work and families and sports and culture, telling jokes and theorizing about the future. I miss road trips to casinos, including my annual trek to Las Vegas during the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Hell, I even miss tipping the dealers.

I love being able to play poker in my pajama pants, not taking a shower for two or three days at a time. Although I live alone, am unemployed and bored, I feel alive with something to do all day long.

I hate the way some of the organizers of “clubs” on these apps are ripping us off, with rake so high that it’s virtually impossible to beat it over the long term. Seriously… before you send the operators any more money, demand full disclosure of the rake policy and think about what you are getting for it. No facility, no food, no beverages, no TV, and hardly any effort once the games are underway. That’s highway robbery that’s going to suck so much money out of the poker economy that it will dry up.

I hate the coronavirus, and would love to see this crisis end soon.

Love ’em or hate ’em, it appears the poker apps are here to stay.

Thanks Anonymous, for all the love and other emotions and taking the time to write it out!


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