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This hand came in a session of 6-max, $0.25 – 0.50 NL.  I am in the small blind with a stack of $40, having been pretty card-dead for awhile.  I am dealt Ad Jc.

UTG has $269 on the table and has been running wild!  Over the last 28 hands, he has voluntarily put $$ in the pot (VPIP) 82% of the time and pre-flop raised (PFR) 50%.

UTG raises to $1.50, which is not a show of any particular strength given his stats.  The cutoff calls $1.50 (his VPIP and PFR are 67 / 33 but he’s only been at the table for 6 hands.

This looks like a good spot for a healthy re-raise.  My Ace-Jack offsuit is likely the best hand right now and it would be better to take down the pot right now than have to play the rest of the hand out-of-position against two very loose players.  If one or both of them call and I connect with the flop, even better!

I’m trying to decide how much to raise – a pot-sized raise would be a total bet of $6.50.  I might even go with $7.50 to apply extra pressure to end this now.

Snapping me out of my amazingly clear thoughts is the player on the button, who re-raises to $4.  If he is a typical player at this level, this smallish raise signals strength.  He wants at least one caller, and UTG is sure to oblige.

Now my hand looks easily dominated!  A pot-sized raise would now be $11.50, leaving me with about $28 behind and making it very tough to avoid being pot-committed.  What will I do from out-of-position if the button calls and I whiff the flop?  I fold, pat myself on the back of the shoulder and reassure myself that discretion is the better part of valor.  Or something Sun Tzu said about not fighting battles that cannot be won.

Sure enough, UTG and Cutoff both call the $4.


Everyone checks to the button, who shoves all-in for his last $15.  UTG cheerfully calls, and the cutoff folds.

UTG has A-9.  Button has K-K.

Had I stayed in, I might have gotten the rest of my chips in and a call from the UTG player.


Month-to-date online results:  + $294

Year-to-date online results:  (- $504)

Laying Down a Big Hand… Not!

In a fairly short session of $0.50 – 1.00 NL last night, it seemed like all of my big hands ran into bigger hands.  Here is a sample of the carnage.

Could you lay down this hand?  Not me.  I flopped a set, have a short stack, and going all the way with it!  P1 is a huge fish, with VPIP 57 / PFR 11.  He had opened for $2 pre-flop, a minimum raise, and I had 3-bet to $6.  I was so excited to hit a set on the flop that I only bet $4 into $17, wanting to be sure not to let the fish get away.  (Rest of the story:  he has A-T.)

Big laydown 2














How about this one?  Not me.  Villain is the biggest fish at the table, VPIP 45 / PFR 30, and has made several large river bets, one of which I called and it turned out to be a bluff.  Others probably were bluffs as well.  He called my opening raise from the BB.  I’ve been waiting for a chance to pound this guy.  I actually shove the turn, an overbet that is more than the current pot.  (Rest of the story:  he snap calls with 4s 3s.)


Big laydown 3














Or this one?  Not me.  In this hand, P2 raised to $3 pre-flop, and P4 and I both called.  Normally I might fold here, as my hand could easily be dominated and I shouldn’t play these cards from out of position.  But I’m on tilt, of course, from a horrific session, and want to make up some lost ground.  At the moment, these cards look OK, besides it’s only two more dollars.

Ba-da-bing!  I flop two pair.  Time to make up some lost ground?  Or worry about P4 having exactly Q-J?  He is another fish, with VPIP 42 / PRF 0.  (Hint:  as it turns out, he does not have Q-J.)  When he raises on the turn, it looks more like a K-Q or K-J holding, and with his short stack I decide to put him all in.  (Rest of the story:  he as T-T.)

Big laydown 1














Year-to-date online results:  (- $365)

Month-to-date online results:  + $435




Bluffing to recoup a bad session

I am at the end of a particularly miserable session, stuck a little more than one-and-a-half buy-ins.  The latter half of this session I’ve been on borderline tilt (or worse), in part the result of getting dealt pocket aces FOUR TIMES and all FOUR TIMES I opened the betting and everybody folded.

I know I should not complain about winning, even winning only the blinds, but c’mon!  Give me some action.

On the other hand, so many of my open raises with less stellar holdings were met with multiple callers from later position and/or 3-bet re-raises.  C’mon guys…  just roll over and play dead for me!

So I’ve decided it’s quitting time and this will be my last hand.

I am in the big blind, playing $0.50 – 1.00 6-max no limit hold’em.  I get Ad 7h.  The hijack seat raises to $3.50.

This is a clear fold.  A-7 offsuit is really not very strong and by now everybody knows how much I hate playing out-of-position.  But it’s my last hand, and maybe lightning will strike.  I have $53.50 on the table and the hijack has $140.70.  I call, my internal voice yelling for two more sevens to fall on the flop.  (Note:  just wasted $2.50.)

The flop is Ah 9d 6d.  A total whiff.

I check, and hijack bets $5.50.  Right before folding, I get a better idea (the same one I’ve had several times during this session while trying to make up some losses).  I’ll double down here, and check-raise.  That shows great strength, and will my smallish stack, a raise to $16 might look extra strong, as if I’m prepared to go all the way with this hand.  (Note:  just wasted $16 more.)

What am I representing here?  As I type this now, I don’t have a clue what I was representing at the time, other than representing that I wanted the pot.  Maybe a set, maybe a flush draw, maybe top pair?  Maybe representing a tired spewy fish.

Hijack now goes all-in.

Whoops.  (Note:  total wasted = $18.50.)

This is not the way to make up losses, yet I did basically this same thing numerous times during the session.  Might as well empty my wallet on the curb in front of my house and put a little sign next to the money pile saying “FREE!”

Year-to-date online results:  (-174)

Month-to-date online results:  + 626

Nice Flop!

Playing online today, $0.50 – 1.00 blinds and 6-max table.

Yes, that’s me with the J-10 of spades.

Yes, I won this hand.  I probably could have won a bit more with it, but was overcome with the urge to shove all-in on the river and the only remaining villain folded.

Doesn’t matter.  I feel great!!!!!!!

Nice Flop


What a horrible month:

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