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Table Talk

Last night I was playing in a $1/2 holdem cash game at a friend’s house.

I was down a little bit when this happened.

I have Kd Qd in the hijack seat.  After one limper in front of me, I raise to $11.  The button (we’ll call him “Chris”) calls, saying that if I had raised any more than that, he would have folded.  Both blinds fold and the limper also folds.  We are heads up.  He started the hand with about $190-200 and I have him covered; but not by very much.

Flop ($27):  Qc Td 5d.

I have top pair, 2nd best kicker, and a 2nd nut flush draw.  In the era of Facebook, this is a “like.”

I’ve played with Chris several times before.  He is a pretty straightforward player, who treats others as straightforward too.  He makes decisions on later streets as much based on the size of the bet as based on the logic.

So I look in his direction and ask him, “What is your budget for this flop?”

And he answers, “$21.”

I am wondering if this means $21 is the top of his calling range, or the bottom of his folding range.  Since I definitely want to get more money in this pot, I’m going to be close to that, but slightly less.  I bet $18.

Now Chris grabs a large stack of chips that looks like about $75 or $80, without taking the time to count them out, and places them in front of himself as a raise.

Huh?  On the one hand, I loved this flop.  On the other hand, right now all I have is a pair of Queens and a good draw, and Chris is the sort of player who rarely (never?) raises like this on the flop without a 2-pair ++ hand.

What should KKing David do now?  And why?

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