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Daily Debacle – All-In Tennis Match

At the end of the following sequence of hands, another player at the table (not involved in any of these) chatted:  Wow, I feel like I’m watching an all-in tennis match!

So let’s set the stage.  I’m playing $0.10 / 0.25 NL online.  My stack is a little bit short as about 2 orbits earlier my AA got cracked with a villain with KQ hit a K on the flop and another K on the river.  Dang!

In this first hand, I am the small blind.  The hijack seat raises to $1.35 and the cutoff calls.  I squeeze to $5.15 and will be happy to take down the pot now rather than play the full hand out of position.  The original raiser folds, but the original caller calls again.  Over 80 hands, he is VPIP = 41 and PFR = 16, so his range is pretty wide.  I miss the flop, but have represented big pair (or so I think) and have less than a single pot-sized bet remaining.  I decide to go for maximum fold equity and shove right away.  He calls, and shows 5d 3d.  My overcards miss on both the turn and river.  My inner Phil Helmuth goes crazy:  “FIVE-THREE SUITED???  YOU CALLED A RAISE AND 3-BET PRE-FLOP WITH FIVE-THREE SUITED???  OH MY GAWD!!”





Now I sit out one hand while re-loading to a full stack of $25.  The very next hand, my good friend of the FIVE-THREE SUITED opens with a raise to $0.75 and I call from the cutoff seat with Qh Jc.  He continuation bets $1 on the flop and I call.  Then he bets $2.25 on the turn.  I’m going to raise here and decide to shove it all in, hoping to represent TILT more than anything else and perhaps induce a call from a weaker hand.  He calls and BA-DA-BING! I’m back in business.


Exactly 5 hands later at the same table, this happens.  Seats P7 and P8 are not in the hand, so I’m the small blind.  The button, a fairly tight player with VPIP = 13 and PFR = 8 over 39 hands at the table, open raises to $1.10.  According to the stats tracker, he has not had any “steal” opportunities so far, so there is no “steal percentage” to use as a guide to his play.  I call, then flop the stone cold nuts.  I check-raise all-in on the turn, and he fills up his boat with my chips on the river.  Sonofa…….!


On the VERY NEXT HAND, the same villain open raises to $1.35 from the hijack seat (P7 is not in the hand) and I call from the button.  Now twice in a row I flop the stone cold nuts.  Wowzer!  He bets $3.30 (pot-sized bet) on the flop, and again I represent TILT by immediately going all-in.  This time he has top pair, top kicker and quickly calls.  As Gene Autry sang, “I’m back in the saddle again!”


Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,717)

Month-to-date online results:  + $147


Daily Debacle – Yes Virginia, There is a River Card

Here are a few hands from the last two days – all playing $0.10 / 0.25 NL online, that didn’t turn out so well:

1.  I have AA and the flop is Qd 6s 3s.  Villain raises my C-bet, I shove and he calls, resulting in a $25 pot.  He shows Qc Jc.  The river is Jd and he wins.  At the time we went all-in, I was an 81.5% favorite, making my “equity” in the pot ($25 x 81.5%) = $20.40.

2.  I have Ah 6h and the flop is Ad Jd 6d.  I lead out with a bet, villain with a short stack shoves and I call, resulting in a $15 pot.  He shows Kd 8c.  The turn is 8d and he wins.  At the time we went all-in, I was a 66% favorite, making my “equity” in the pot ($15 x 66%) = $9.90.

3.  I have KK and the board comes out 8d 7d Jh 3s.  I put the villain all-in on the turn and he calls, resulting in a $20.10 pot.  He shows 9c 9h.  The river is Th and he wins.  At the time we went all-in, I was an 86.4% favorite, making my “equity” in the pot ($20.1 x 86.4%) = $17.35.

4.  I have 8s 9d and call a small pre-flop raise from the BB.  The flop comes out 7s 9h 8c.  I check-raise enough to put the post-flop raiser (a short stack again) all-in and he calls, resulting in a $14.50 pot.  He shows 9s 6s.  The river is 5d and he wins.  At the time we went all-in, I was a 67.8% favorite, making my “equity” in the pot ($14.50 x 67.8%) = $9.85.

5.  I have 3s 4s  and call a small pre-flop raise ($0.42 more) from the BB in a 5-player pot.  This is my first hand of today.  The board comes out 6s 9d 7s 9s.  I check-raise all-in and the biggest stack at the table calls from the button, resulting in a $51.15 pot.  He shows 8h 9c.  The river is 9h giving him quads.  At the time we went all-in, I was a 77.3% favorite, making my “equity” in the pot ($51.15 x 77.3%) = $39.50.

Summary of these five hands… I was the favorite every hand at the time all of the chips went into the middle.

Mathematical “equity” in these hands:  $97.

Actual winnings:  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Nyet.  Squadoosh.

Admittedly you can’t win them all, and less than 100% means you won’t win them all.  I suppose I could add up all the hands where I was a favorite when the money went all-in and did actually win, but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,670)

Month-to-date online results:  + $194

Daily Debacle – Did I Really Shove Here?

Playing $0.10 / 0.25 NL online this afternoon and got a little tilted over a pattern of folding mediocre hands that would have turned into huge winners (example:  folded Jd 7d in small blind, flopped came with Td and 8d and turn was 9d — watched from sidelines as two other players bid up the pot) while none of the mediocre hands that I did play turned into anything.

In this hand I decided to attack.  After a bunch of folds, the cutoff raised to $0.85.  This was his 2nd hand at this table, so I have no information on which to make a read.  But I do have position, so I 3-bet to $2.70 and he calls.

I continue to be aggressive on the flop and decide the only logical thing to do on the turn is to shove all-in.  He calls.  Uh-oh…

Did I really shove

Which song title fits this hand the best?

a.   “Nobody Told Me” – John Lennon

b.   “Days Like This” – Van Morrison

c.  “Come and Get It” – The Beatles

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,727)

Month-to-date online results:  + $137

Daily Debacle – Easy Button

A few years ago Staples introduced an advertising campaign around their “Easy Button.”  To emphasize how easy it is to find what you’re looking for at Staples, they created a big red button with the word “Easy” printed on top.  Press the button and a mechanical voice proclaims “That was Easy!”

This comes to mind in reflecting on a recent online session of $0.10 / 0.25 NL holdem.  I opened two tables and settled in to play.  On the 2nd hand at one of the tables, a middle position player raised to $0.75 and I called from the hijack seat with 6s 5s.  I have suited connectors, in position.  Most of the time I’ll completely whiff the flop and get away from this hand with minimal damage.  But when these cards hit the board hard, such as a straight or flush or a flop like 66x or 55x, the strong hand is well disguised and I may be able to stack off an overpair.

The flop comes Ts 8s 7s.  Not only have I flopped a flush, but I even have a straight flush draw.  Now there are two issues to worry about:  (1) hope another spade does not arrive on the turn or river (other than 4s) that could make a higher flush for the villain or simply kill my action, and (2) how to get all my money in the middle by the end of the betting.

Another spade does not arrive, and even better, the turn and river are a 9 and J completing a straight on the board.  I raise the flop and villain check/calls both the turn and my river shove.

Then he shows As 3s, for a flopped higher straight.  My full starting stack of $25 is gonex  That was easy!

I look over at my other table, where my very first hand is underway.  I have AK and already made a pre-flop raise with one caller.  The flop is K-5-3 rainbow, and I’ve bet a little less than the pot as a continuation bet.

The other player raises about 3x my bet amount.  What!?!?

What is supposed to happen next is an alarm goes off.  Click here for a good example.

The villain might have a BS hand like K5, K3 or 53 and made two pair.  He doesn’t even belong in the hand with these holdings but at this level the fish will call with all sorts of trash.  Or more likely he has 55 or 33 and flopped a set.    Or less likely he’s bluffing.  Or maybe just possibly he has a K with a lower kicker than mine.

But I’m on a mini-tilt from getting stacked off on the other table after flopping a flush, so a different defensive instinct kicks in.  YOU CAN’T PUSH ME AROUND!  YOU JUST SAW ME GET STACKED OFF (impossible really, as all players are anonymous on this site) AND NOW YOU’RE TRYING TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY.  I WON’T BE BACKED INTO A CORNER.  I HAVE TOP PAIR / TOP KICKER AND I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY, YOU #%^@#$%!#$^@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shove over the top.  The villain insta-calls and shows 33, for a flopped set of threes.

There goes another buy-in of $25.  That was easy!

Three hands, down fifty bucks.

Easy game indeed.

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,821)

Month-to-date online results:  + $43

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