Daily Debacle – Did I Really Shove Here?

Playing $0.10 / 0.25 NL online this afternoon and got a little tilted over a pattern of folding mediocre hands that would have turned into huge winners (example:  folded Jd 7d in small blind, flopped came with Td and 8d and turn was 9d — watched from sidelines as two other players bid up the pot) while none of the mediocre hands that I did play turned into anything.

In this hand I decided to attack.  After a bunch of folds, the cutoff raised to $0.85.  This was his 2nd hand at this table, so I have no information on which to make a read.  But I do have position, so I 3-bet to $2.70 and he calls.

I continue to be aggressive on the flop and decide the only logical thing to do on the turn is to shove all-in.  He calls.  Uh-oh…

Did I really shove

Which song title fits this hand the best?

a.   “Nobody Told Me” – John Lennon

b.   “Days Like This” – Van Morrison

c.  “Come and Get It” – The Beatles

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,727)

Month-to-date online results:  + $137

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