Daily Debacle – Easy Button

A few years ago Staples introduced an advertising campaign around their “Easy Button.”  To emphasize how easy it is to find what you’re looking for at Staples, they created a big red button with the word “Easy” printed on top.  Press the button and a mechanical voice proclaims “That was Easy!”

This comes to mind in reflecting on a recent online session of $0.10 / 0.25 NL holdem.  I opened two tables and settled in to play.  On the 2nd hand at one of the tables, a middle position player raised to $0.75 and I called from the hijack seat with 6s 5s.  I have suited connectors, in position.  Most of the time I’ll completely whiff the flop and get away from this hand with minimal damage.  But when these cards hit the board hard, such as a straight or flush or a flop like 66x or 55x, the strong hand is well disguised and I may be able to stack off an overpair.

The flop comes Ts 8s 7s.  Not only have I flopped a flush, but I even have a straight flush draw.  Now there are two issues to worry about:  (1) hope another spade does not arrive on the turn or river (other than 4s) that could make a higher flush for the villain or simply kill my action, and (2) how to get all my money in the middle by the end of the betting.

Another spade does not arrive, and even better, the turn and river are a 9 and J completing a straight on the board.  I raise the flop and villain check/calls both the turn and my river shove.

Then he shows As 3s, for a flopped higher straight.  My full starting stack of $25 is gonex  That was easy!

I look over at my other table, where my very first hand is underway.  I have AK and already made a pre-flop raise with one caller.  The flop is K-5-3 rainbow, and I’ve bet a little less than the pot as a continuation bet.

The other player raises about 3x my bet amount.  What!?!?

What is supposed to happen next is an alarm goes off.  Click here for a good example.

The villain might have a BS hand like K5, K3 or 53 and made two pair.  He doesn’t even belong in the hand with these holdings but at this level the fish will call with all sorts of trash.  Or more likely he has 55 or 33 and flopped a set.    Or less likely he’s bluffing.  Or maybe just possibly he has a K with a lower kicker than mine.

But I’m on a mini-tilt from getting stacked off on the other table after flopping a flush, so a different defensive instinct kicks in.  YOU CAN’T PUSH ME AROUND!  YOU JUST SAW ME GET STACKED OFF (impossible really, as all players are anonymous on this site) AND NOW YOU’RE TRYING TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY.  I WON’T BE BACKED INTO A CORNER.  I HAVE TOP PAIR / TOP KICKER AND I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY, YOU #%^@#$%!#$^@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shove over the top.  The villain insta-calls and shows 33, for a flopped set of threes.

There goes another buy-in of $25.  That was easy!

Three hands, down fifty bucks.

Easy game indeed.

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,821)

Month-to-date online results:  + $43

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