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Another guest blog entry today, from a reader I’ll call “Bill.” Click here to see my invitation to submit a guest blog entry.

Bill writes:

What is the WSOP waiting for? They need to go ahead and cancel this summer’s World Series of Poker. Not delay; just skip a year entirely.

First of all, it’s going to be awhile before this corona-crisis is over. Nobody really knows how much longer.

Second, moving it to another time of year won’t work. Too many other conferences and big events already scheduled in Las Vegas. Where are they going to find as much space as they use at the Rio, for seven uninterrupted weeks?

Thirdly, travel plans! Instead of leaving poker players in limbo, they should make the only and obvious decision. How are international players supposed to make travel arrangements right now?

Fourth, I cannot imagine the complexity of organizing the dealers, vendors and other support staff if the timing is a moving target. Too complicated for my little brain.

It’s time for WSOP leadership to “show their cards.”

Thanks for writing Bill. Who’s next?

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