Guest Entries Anyone?

I’m too bored to write. Staying home, reading news feeds, sheltering in place, social distancing, exercising, disinfecting, providing comfort to Mrs. (who works in a hospital), etc. during this coronavirus pandemic has sapped all of my creative energy. It’s hard doing nothing all day.

Or to quote Joe Walsh, “they say that I’m lazy but it takes all my time…”

So I’m opening up the blog for some guest entries. Send yours and I’ll publish it! Since this is a poker blog, let’s keep it to poker. Send me a write-up of your thoughts about the state of poker today, wishes, dreams, recent experiences, hand histories, opinions, rants, whatever.

Send via email to or use the form below and type your own blog post in the ‘message’ field. Get creative and have some fun. Feel free to link to other content and suggest images that I might use.

And most importantly, be safe and well. It looks like it’s going to take an extended lockdown to get through this crisis.


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