Massive Overbet Madness

The flop was 8♠6♣3♣. There was a small pre-flop raise, and now a small continuation bet. I didn’t take notes at the table, but my recollection is the bet was 8 big blinds, which was about 50% of the pot. So let’s go with that.

I’m next, and simply shove all-in for over 150 BBs, a massive overbet more than 3x pot.

The next guy says “Wow, you stole my move!” For purposes of this blog, I’ll call him “KP.” He tanks for awhile, squirming visibly in his seat, claiming to have something really good. KP has about 125 BBs in his stack and I have him covered. Finally he says “fold” without letting go of his cards.

The original bettor folds too, and KP turns over 33. And says this should give me something to blog about.


I might have dodged a bullet there. Or had I been patient, that big fish might not have slipped off the hook.


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