A (Short) Tale of Two Poker Games

best and worst poker times

Friday night was the worst of poker times.

I was impatient and edgy the entire session. Ill-conceived bluffs failed, a flush ran into a bigger flush, top 2-pair ran into bottom trips, QQ ran into KK, multiple hands ran into AA, draws missed.

I ran through many stop signs, pouring good chips into losing situations in spots where I know better. I played too many hands that should be folded pre-flop, and too many hands from weak position. Despite some self-awareness of this, I couldn’t let go of the impatience, couldn’t walk away early from the carnage, couldn’t pivot the mind to a calmer, better, more self-disciplined place.

Several buy-ins later, I sat on the couch eating cookies for another hour, waiting for a friend who had ridden to the game with me to finish getting his weekly poker fix. I’ll never find my A-game again.

Saturday night was the best of poker times.

I was seated near two good friends I enjoy conversing with during poker games. Several great action players were at the table. The Duke basketball games was on the TV and the good guys were winning; that always makes me happy.

After a slow start, I flopped a set of 5’s and one of the action players declared “ALL-IN!” on the turn. Boom!

Noting that all-in bluffs were being called all over the place with weak holdings, I dialed down my bluffing frequency to about zero. My AA held up, top 2-pair held up, QQ ran into JJ, AK hit the flop well and held up, 99 rivered a two-outer and busted someone’s AA, somehow won a sizable pot with an unimproved 77.

The mind was calm, decision making was disciplined. When I was ready to go home, I told my friend who had ridden to the game with me that it was time… and he readily agreed. I’ll never lose my A-game again.

Or maybe, just maybe, for my mathematically oriented readers, regression to the mean is real. Not that it ever wasn’t, but reminders help.


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  1. Amazing how this game we love toys with our affections. I’ve always like the saying “Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you.”


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