Links to Interesting Poker Stuff

Here’s a few poker items I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching in recent days:

  • Reading: Waiting for Straighters, a long article by Tommy Angelo with some unconventional wisdom about pre-flop hand selection for both no limit Texas Hold’em and pot limit Omaha.
  • Watching: Red Chip Poker podcast with Doug Hull interviewed by Robbie Strazynski on The Ugly Truth About Becoming a Poker Pro.
  • Following: In a now-deleted Tweet, Daniel Negreanu said, “Worst kind of poker player has the following traits:



Quiet (Also Miserable)

Nit (Cheap/Selfish)

Hater (Complainer/Negative)

If you match all of these categories then you are probably a real treat to have at parties. 2 of 5 is still bad.”

Apparently this touched quite a few nerves in the poker community including this long thread, prompting Negreanu to write a much longer blog post at Full Contact Poker. Among other things, he clarifies that his definition of “nit” is more of an angle shooter than an extremely tight player, and by “quiet” what he really wanted to convey was rude. See also David Lappin’s blog entry.

  • Traveling: I spent last weekend at MGM National Harbor near Washington, DC. Because… why not? The poker room is large, nice and well run. Despite paying off two (2!) straight flushes, I managed to squeeze out a profitable trip. The comps system still sucks, unless you like unplanned scavenger hunts when hungry.


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