…Like a Terrible Poker Player

In case you missed it, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver wrote an interesting piece last week entitled “How President Trump is Like A Terrible Poker Player.”

In it, Silver describes how Trump backed himself into a losing corner in the recent partial government shutdown, and how that serves as a microcosm for the entire Trump presidency. In the case of the shutdown, Democrats put Trump to a difficult decision (which he openly invited), and he ultimately folded after squandering a chunk of political capital.

Silver observes that many bad poker players play too many hands because they tend to overestimate their skills. How many times have we heard that 75% of all poker players think they are better than the other 75%?

What’s more, Trump seems to have no sense for which battles to pick and which ones to avoid, nor any keen sense of the consequences of picking the wrong battles and fighting past the point where it becomes obvious that he will lose.

Anyway, it’s worth reading the full article, and might be well worth finding Trump at an actual poker table for a chance to pick off one of his many & obvious bluffs.


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