Good Place

Dear Readers,

Sorry I haven’t posted much recently. Everything is just fine.

Some of you know this blog started as a bad beat blog, a way to vent (which was cathartic and beneficial) even if nobody bothered to read my earliest, whiny posts.

It is still the case that coolers and bad beats provide the strongest motivation to write about poker. Plus, since I began writing articles regularly for PokerNews a few months ago, my best strategy stuff ends up there and not here.

I’m in a pretty good place. In August, I wrote about a win streak that extended to 12 no limit Texas Hold’em sessions. From the start of that streak until now, I’ve left the table as a winner 31 out of 40 sessions (77.5%) with a decent enough hourly win rate.

“Always win, sometimes a lot!”

its-good-to-bethe-king-iquickmeme-com-its-good-to-be-48984890Oh yes, and last night at a private $1/2 game, after folding almost everything for the first 45 minutes, I woke up with KK. There was a $10 straddle and one caller. I raised to $35 and the straddler defended. On a K53 rainbow flop, he open jammed. Mel Brooks never felt any better!



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