Do You Want to Post?

I’m at MGM National Harbor for a few days this week. At a $2/5 game, I took a break to get a slice of pizza. When I returned, the button was two seats to my left and the dealer asked me if I wanted to post my missed blinds.


The player on my right limps in. For purposes of this blog, I’ll call him “Sammy.” I look down at JJ and raise to $25. Sammy, of my generation and speaking with a foreign accent that I cannot place, makes a good natured but mildly snarky comment about me just returning to the table and already raising. “I have good cards,” I say softly in response.

Another player also calls, on the button. For purposes of this blog, I’ll call him “Bubba.” Bubba is wearing blue jeans with suspenders to keep them from falling off his large, pear-shaped torso, with long hair and a long beard. If I were into stereotyping, I’d say he’s not your typical DC-beltway-establishment type. Once the dealer told him he couldn’t be talking on his cell phone while involved in a hand, and he said in a slow, syrupy drawl, “Sorry honey, I have to hang up now. I love you, you’re my favorite wife.”

The flop was JT3, rainbow. [insert heavenly music] Sammy checks.

It has been my observation in this poker room that slow-playing after big flops isn’t necessary. If another player has a piece of the flop, or any kind of draw, they’re likely to call at least one more bet. On the other hand, at this same table prior to my pizza break, I opened with a raise holding 66 in early position and got three callers. The flop came 996 with a flush draw, and all three folded to my C-bet. Dammit!

I bet $35, Bubba calls, and Sammy also calls. I should worry that one of them could have KQ, which I think is more likely to be in Bubba’s pre-flop in-position calling range than in Sammy’s pre-flop out-of-position limp/calling range. But who knows?

The turn is a 4, putting two hearts on the board. Sammy checks again.

Top set is still the nuts. I bet $115. Bubba thinks just a bit and calls.

Then Sammy slides out a large stack of $25 and $100 chips, more than enough to cover the $600 or so remaining in my stack.

[insert all sorts of victory dance gifs] I suppose if he has exactly KQ he now has 13 outs to complete a winning flush or straight, but this betting line looks an awful lot more like he has a smaller set, or JT with the case jack. I wait a few seconds to call, hoping to sow enough doubt in Bubba’s head that he might come along, but he folds.

Sammy tables 43o, and is drawing dead. He shrugs and takes the beat in good spirit as I remind him that I said I had a good hand.

Do I want to post? Hell, yeah!!!


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