Daily Debacle – It’s a “Daily Double!”

Playing $1/2 NL online.  I am UTG +1 with JJ and open raise to $6.

The button calls and the big blind also calls.

Flop ($19):  Ts 7d 7s.  I have an over-pair on a drawy board.  Not wanting to give up the aggression yet, I lead with a 1/2 pot bet of $9.50.

The button calls and big blind raises to $23.

Time to examine this situation more carefully.  I have a somewhat short stack of $83.50 at the beginning of this hand.  I got the short end of JJ v. QQ early in this session and decided not to replenish my stack.  I’ve played 42 hands and my stats are VPIP=17 and PFR=12.  Tight and aggressive.

The button started with $99 and plays like a classic fish, with VPIP=40 and PFR=8 over 40 hands.  He could be slow playing a 7 on this flop, with A7, 87, 76, or might have a T for top pair, or might have a straight or flush draw.  His range is still pretty wide.

The big blind started with $198 and also has been fishy.  VPIP=50 and PFR=19, over a small sample of just 16 hands.  More importantly, just 4 hands earlier he raised on a flop of Q-5-5 over an opening bet and raiser, then called the raiser’s shove with A-Q (and lost to 6-5).  Based on this play and his stats (as limited as they are), he appears to be the sort of player who will overplay top pair.

You should go with your reads as often as possible.  My read here is that the big blind has a T and button has some sort of draw.  I shove all-in.

Button folds, big blind calls and turns over J-T.

Ba-da-bing!  What a read.

The turn is another ten.  Ba-da-bulll-l-l-l—shit!!!!!

There goes a pot of $180.

A few minutes later, the following hand occurs, where I have AA and the villain shoves pre-flop:

Daily double















There goes another $312.

Year-to-date online results:  ( – $308)

Month-to-date online results:  + $201


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