Daily Debacle – Blind and Sloppy

My first hand at this table, playing $1/2 NL online.

I am the big blind, with 6c 2s.  Total shit, if I may be blunt.  The player two spots to my left makes a minimum raise to $4 and the button and small blind both call.

What the heck, now there is $14 in the pot and it will only cost me $2 more to call.  I’m getting 7-to-1.  At a live tournament a couple nights ago, my friend Robert was in a memorable situation, where one player limped in, another player shoved all-in for 1.25 BB’s, I called from the SB and he held 6-2 off-suit in the BB.  Might as well call.  Then he flopped 2 pair, which held up to win a rather decent pot.

So I call.

Flop ($16):  9s 6s 3h.  SB checks, I check and the original raiser checks.  Looks like everybody missed.  Then the button (VPIP=39, PFR=7 over 28 hands) bets $6.  Obviously he’s trying to steal it.  A strong check-raise can win this…  right???

The small blind folds and I re-pop it to $20.  The original raiser also folds.  And THAT’S WHEN I NOTICE that he only has $23.50 behind after his initial bet.  If he shoves all-in over my check-raise bluff, I’ll be getting 6.9-to-1 odds, and my hand – while embarrassingly bad – does have a piece of this flop.  I cannot fold it.

If I’m going to bluff (or re-steal) in this manner, I should have check-raised enough to put him all-in straight away.  That maximizes the pressure on him.  If I do get caught with my pants down, it is on my bluff rather than on my call of his shove which is much more laughable.  And check-raising that large would be overkill.  Any play at this pot is a terrible move; his small stack size makes it even worse; my failure to notice this is inexcusable.

He shoves.  Ugh.  I call, hoping all of the other players have gone to the bathroom or are engrossed in some other distraction.

He turns over Ts 8s, for a multi-way draw plus two overcards.  Any spade, any 7, any 8 or any 10 helps him.  I have one spade blocker, so that leaves him with 17 outs and two cards remaining.  Although I’m ahead at this point in the hand, he is a59% favorite to win the pot.  This is probably the best I could have hoped for when he went all-in.

The turn is 7d, completing his straight, and the river is Js, rubbing a little salt in the wound by making his flush.

What a spew!

Year-to-date online results:  (- $308)

Month-to-date online results + $200


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