Brutal Day After

One day later…

And this happens:  I am in the  cutoff seat and raise to $9 over an early position limper.  Villain (P3) is the small blind and flat calls.  The limper folds.

Looking back on this, why would he call my raise from the SB and not 3-bet?  He’s going to have to play the rest of the hand out of position, and any flop with an ace will kill his action.  If I have an ace, bad for him.  If I don’t have an ace, no more $$ is going into the pot.

The flop is beautiful for me, and he leads out with a bet of $22 — basically a pot-sized bet.  I debate raising vs. calling, trying to figure the best way to get all my money in by the river.  Since I have position, I can call and push the action on later streets.  A call will make the pot $66.  If he checks the turn, I can bet around 70% of the pot on both turn and river to get in all in without over-betting.  I call.  Again looking back, had I raised the flop there is a good chance he would have folded with the ace on the board.

But no!  He binks the turn and now checks.  With the double flush draw and very connected board, I must bet.  I still think I have the best hand.  I bet $47, and suddenly he goes all-in.  Well gosh-darnit, I flopped a set of jacks and I’m not about to be bullied around here.  He could have AK or AJ or KJ, all of which fit his pre-flop and flop play and now he is value-owning himself thinking he’s setting a trap for me.

For the record, the river card was the Ks, giving him quad Kings.  There goes another $394 pot.

Year-to-date online results:  +97

Month-to-date online results:  $218


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