You Must Be Kidding

Still running bad, so for a change of pace, I’ve switched from full ring games to 6-max, and dropped down to $0.25 – 0.50 blinds.  Also experimenting with Hold’em Indicator software and its HUD features.  Since I’m playing an a site where all players are anonymous, the stats can only be tracked for the current session and I have no cumulative reads on any of the regular players.

In this hand, I am the cutoff with As Js.  The player to my right limps in and I raise to $2.25 — a pot-sized raise.  The big blind and limper both call.

The flop is Ts 7d 4c.  Pretty raggedy.  I’ll probably make a continuation bet of about 60-70% of the pot if the other players both check.

Not so far KKing… Big blind takes about 5 seconds then shoves for $26 into a pot of $5.50.  Whoa there big fella!

Then the original limper over-shoves!

I’m outta here!

Big blind has 9d 8c for an open ended straight draw.

Limper has 7s 4s for bottom 2 pair.

The turn and river are 3s and 9s, which would have made a nut flush for me.

But no.  The limper, who limp/called with 7-4 suited, takes down a nearly $60 pot.

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