Running Bad

Opening lines from James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend:

“When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.”

So true with the cards are running bad.

Recent examples:

Flop a set of 4’s and get all-in against a guy with pocket Queens for a pot of $410.  Another Queen hits on the river.


Get KK in the Big Blind in a $1/2 NL game.  Middle position raises to $6 and 2 callers.  I re-raise to $30 and MP calls.  Flop is 8-4-2 with two spades.  The other guy’s stack is not much bigger than the pot and I have him easily covered.  All the money goes in and he shows 8-8 for a flopped top set (and makes quads on the turn!).  Given the stack sizes, not sure I could ever get away from this one.


A-Q offsuit and the board is A-2-3-5 with two diamonds.  I have the Q of diamonds.  Get it all-in on the turn with a player who appears to have a flush draw.  He tanks, calls and indeed has 6d 5d, and I am 63% favorite. He hits the flush on the river.  Sucked out.

Right after that while I’m still tilted, I get a Q-high flop with K-Q off suit, and shove it all in to find out the Villain has flop a set of 8’s.  Whoops.  Tilted.


Limp in on the button after multiple limpers with 5-2 off suit.  (I know, I know…).  Flop is 4-4-2 and everybody checks (6 players).. Turn is another 2 and everybody checks again to me.  I bet 80% of pot and everybody folds except the cutoff.  River is a 6 of clubs, matching the 2c and 4c on the board.  But wait, I have the 5c so a straight flush is not possible.  Cutoff bombs out a pot-sized bet.  WTF?  After checking the flop and check-calling the turn?  I call and he shows 7-4 off suit.  Stupid to be in this hand in the first place, although V’s play made no sense at all.


I call a pre-flop raiser with QJ suited, in position.  Flop is J-9-x, he bets and I call.  Turn is Q and he bets and I shove.  He quickly calls and shows AA.  River is a 9.  Noooooooooooooo!  Suckout.


After taking all this abuse I finally get AA.  Time to make some $$ back!  I raise my standard amount and everybody folds.  I win the blinds.  Big hand / no action.

There’s more, but it hurts too much to keep typing.

If I can’t make it playing poker, I might have to start writing country music songs:

“No matter whether it’s Aces or Deuces

All the cards are totally useless

When I runnin’ Baa-aaa-ad

Worst time I’ve ever haa-aaa-ad!”

Year-to-date and month-to-date online results:  (- $466)

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