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Thanks for all the Respect

NOTE:  This entry was originally posted on a different site on September 7, 2016 and has been slightly edited prior to re-posting here.

“Thanks for all the respect!”

That was me being sarcastic, at a cash game after raising to 7 big blinds and getting four callers.  It was getting late, and I had told our host about eight minutes earlier that I’d be leaving in 10 minutes.  We were playing 6-handed, as one of our original eight players left early, and another left after going bust, driving to the nearest ATM for more cash, and busting again.

Nobody raised in front of me, and with Ad Kd in the small blind, I’m going to make it expensive for anyone who wants to see this flop.  I’ve been pretty quiet most of the night, but still nearly doubled my starting stack of 100 BBs thanks to one big hand where my KK doubled up through QQ.  It might look like I’m protecting my chips and running out the clock… until I raised to 7 BBs.

I wanted to thin the field, and going to the flop 5-handed from the worst possible position at the table is sub-optimal.  (First-world problems, I know that, but I digress…)

Flashback:  Early last year I was playing a cash game at the Aria.  It seemed like I had folded every hand for at least an hour.  Then I look down at TT and put out a nice raise.  Five other players call, like they are clueless that the nittiest player in all of Las Vegas has just raised.  TT is a fine starting hand, but with this many callers many more things can go wrong than right.  In my best, driest, most sarcastic voice, I commented “thanks for all the respect.”

Anyway, the flop was T42 rainbow, giving me top set.  Lack of respect instantly converts to generosity.  I’m feeling true love for each and every villain.  Everybody checks and a J on the turn improves another player’s AJ hand. There is a bet, call, raise, call, re-raise and shove.  Three of us are all-in, with my set of tens holding up over a set of fours (he thought he was trapping me!) and pair of jacks / ace kicker.  It was one of those wonderful moments when you can hear heavenly choir.


And memorable for the phantasmagoric emotional shift from finally seeing a decent hand, to the sarcasm, to hating five callers to loving a monster flop to raking in all those chips.


Lightning strikes again.  The dealer turns over T32, all diamonds.  I have flopped the nut flush, the pot is already a decent size, and there are four other players.  Hopefully, somebody else also connected with this flop.

I make a smallish opening bet, about 1/3 of the pot.  The next three players fold, but the button (for purposes of this blog entry, I’ll refer to him as “Jason”) calls.  Jason is a pretty tight player who doesn’t make many crazy moves, but he can get stubborn at times when he just doesn’t believe the aggressor has it.  There is no reason for him to believe that I flopped a flush after my pre-flop raise.  The turn is Kh, I bet and he calls again.  The river is 5c.  Perfect… no more diamonds, no pair on the board, absolute nuts for me.  Jason hasn’t made any aggressive actions during this hand, so I don’t think an all-in bet will get called.  I bet a again, but still less than 1/2 of the pot.

Jason starts counting out chips as if he is going to raise.  Or perhaps just seeing how much he would have left over if he called my bet and lost.  Or perhaps just fiddling to kill time and see if I give off any tells.  “I’m all-in!” he announces, and slides his entire stack towards the center.  I feel ever-so-very-very-teeny-tiny-slightly bad for him.

I call and quickly turn over my cards.  He turns over Qd 8d, for a weaker flopped flush.  Poor guy, he was drawing dead on the flop and had no idea, although he handles this cooler very graciously.


Although it feels a bit like a hit-and-run, I had already told our host that I was leaving in 10 minutes, and now it is 14 minutes later.  Cash me out please…


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Daily Debacle – Fold QQ vs. pre-flop shove?

To appreciate this post, please be sure to read my immediately prior post, about folding KK pre-flop in a live cash game.  I also posted that hand on a Two+Two forum to get some feedback (good, bad and insulting) from the broader poker community.

Two days later, I’m playing $1 / 2 NL online and dealt QQ in the cutoff seat.  We are 8-handed, and the UTG player opens with a raise to $7.

Everybody folds to me.  I’ve been playing extra tight lately, part of which includes not 3-betting open raises from UTG with less than KK.  I’ve run into UTG AA’s several times lately.  So I flat call $7, leaving $155 behind.

The small blind also calls, and then the big blind re-raises to $32.  So much for getting to see the flop cheaply!  BB stats are VPIP=11 and PFR=2 over 183 hands.  Super tight, so his raise suggests he has premium cards.  He has $204 more behind.

UTG now quickly ships all his chips in, a total of $120 including his original bet.

If there is ever a clear-cut fold of QQ before the flop, this is it.  I cheerfully fold, anticipating which player has AA and which one has KK, and pat myself on the shoulder for being a good thinking player.

The big blind calls and turns over KK.  UTG shows AA.

The board runs out like this:  6s Qc 9s 3h 7h.

Had I called, my gain on this hand would have been $280-ish.

Later in the session, I lose a huge pot ($500+) when one villain hits a one-outer on the turn and another huge pot ($290) when a different villain and I both flop flushes, mine Q-high and his K-high.

Why do I have to cry myself to sleep every night?

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,107)

Month-to-date online results:  (- $598)

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