Get on Board the Crowdfunding Train

It’s happening! The crowdfunding continues to move forward for my next comedy short film – IF I HAD A TIME MACHINE, I’D BE RICH. Click here for details about the film and crowdfunding contribution levels and benefits. I’m incredibly appreciative of the broad and generous support for this project.

A special and heartfelt shoutout goes to the generous contributors. I’m humbled by your support:

  • Anonymous
  • Basil Congro
  • Ben Tran
  • Brent Arnold
  • Brian Thorstad
  • Carlo Rodriguez
  • Carol Ann Smith
  • Chris Edwards
  • David Ryan
  • Eric Berman
  • Eric Squire
  • Fred Pickett
  • Gabe Ramos
  • Gary Colen
  • Gary McGrath
  • Glenn Gainey
  • Jason Rhodes
  • Jeff Baldino
  • Jeff Shafer
  • Jonah LaBranche
  • Julie Thompson
  • Larry Roane
  • Marc Lerner
  • Mark Bowles
  • Matthew Mallen
  • Maurice Mitchell
  • Mike Van Sickle
  • Morgan Petro
  • Rachel Cohen
  • Rick Rybaczek
  • Ross Ulmer
  • Ryan Mott
  • Sam Moody
  • Sarah Jacqueline
  • Scott Sitron
  • Scott Weinstein
  • Tim Taylor
  • Tyler Phillips
  • Tyler Spaugh

Planning continues, with casting started and filming tentatively scheduled for the week of January 22, 2024. If you want a chance to be in the film, make your contribution at the appropriate level soon — cutoff will be Thanksgiving weekend.

Also a reminder these premium hoodies are awesome. Check out the details here.

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