Road Trip

Getting ready for my first poker road trip since pre-pandemic.

Yes, dear readers, I know many of you have already popped that cherry. One of the keys to my survival as a poker player for so many years is not playing too many hands. When it comes to travel and Covid-19, my range has been really narrow.

I’m taking an inventory of my poker backpack, pondering what to add. Have a look with me…

Player cards – gotta earn the comps!

Mask – not just for Halloween anymore

Tea bags – I don’t drink coffee

Tissues – s’not funny to do without

Hand sanitizer – now more than ever

Sanitizing wipes – “kills 99.9% of germs”

Hearing aid batteries – say what?

Sunscreen – sometimes I go to Florida, not this time

Deck of cards – OFC anyone?

Hat – retains body heat in colder rooms

Moist towelettes – in case of finger food

Chewing gum – helps the ears pop during airplane descent

Bandaids – for paper cuts

Eye drops – gets the red out

Floss – when you really need it, you’ll be glad I’m your friend

Chapstick – colder weather is upon us

Hand lotion – prevents cracking and chafing

Ear plugs – when roommates snore

Emery board – keep those nails smooth

Electronics – it’s own category

  — Laptop

  — Laptop charger

  — iPad

  — iPad / iPhone charging cable/block

  — charging power bank

  — Power bank charging cable

  — Ear buds

  — Noise canceling headphones

If you think of anything that’s missing, please leave a comment. We depart in two days.


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