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Via a series of Twitter polls, poker pro Brad Wilson is running a Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) Poker Book competition. Brad is a professional poker player, coach, and host of the excellent Chasing Poker Greatness podcast series. This March Madness bracket style competition began with 64 outstanding poker books and has made its way down to the Final Four.

The title contenders include:

  • The Biggest Bluff, by Maria Konnikova vs. From Vietnam to Vegas, by Qui Nguyen
  • Elements of Poker, by Tommy Angelo vs. Excelling at No Limit Hold’em, edited by Jonathan Little

I have three of these, missing only From Vietnam to Vegas. The three that I do have are excellent.

The Biggest Bluff came out earlier this year, and prior to reading it I took the time to read the author’s two prior bestsellers, neither of which is about poker and both of which offer much for poker players to learn. Maria’s story – going from no poker experience whatsoever to professional tournament player, started as an experiment to augment her research as a psychologist on the role of luck in peoples’ lives with personal experience – is truly fascinating.

In 2015, on my first trip to the WSOP, I was introduced to Jonathan Little by a mutual friend, and he graciously autographed my copy of Excelling at No Limit Hold’em, which I purchased from a pop-up publishing stand in the main hallway. With over a dozen contributing authors writing chapters on different tournament topics, it’s a wonderful primer for any serious tournament player. A sequel is due out soon.

But my personal favorite still has to be Elements of Poker. Published in 2007, I’ve read this book multiple times, and each time there is a new “Ahah!” moment or a memory of something important is triggered and retrieved from some forgotten place in my brain. When I’m describing to others how I think about the game of poker, I’m as likely to refer to Elements as all other poker books combined. In more recent years, I had to opportunity to hire Tommy for some one-on-one poker coaching, a +EV decision if ever there was one!

So I’m biased and openly admit. No objectivity here. But hey, this is a Twitter poll. I like this book and have gotten to know, like and admire the author. So dear blog readers, I’m asking you to vote for Elements of Poker at the GOAT Poker Book as a personal favor. Do it. Right now.

It only takes a few seconds… here’s a link to the Final Four Twitter poll. Don’t delay, however, as the poll is only running a few more hours.

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