Poker in the Media

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What are your favorite poker movies? I like Rounders, of course. For a fun, cheesy western, try A Big Hand for the Little Lady, starring Henry Fonda and Joanne Woodward. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story is worth a look if you haven’t seen it. Are there any truly good poker movies on Netflix or Prime Video that I might have missed?

Best poker books? For good reading (rather than poker strategy) Check out The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King, detailing a series of high stakes battles between a wealthy Texas banker and some of the best professional players in Las Vegas. For fiction, try Jim McManus’ Education of a Poker Player. It’s clever, funny and beautifully written, and besides I sat next to McManus for several hours at a cash game during my first WSOP excursion. During that same trip, I met Peter Alson, author of Take Me to the River, a very relatable and entertaining account of Alson’s trip to the WSOP in 2005.

Poker websites? Where do you go for poker-related news, strategy and more? Lots of options…

What about poker scenes on TV? I recently wrote about a scene featuring a $50K sit-n-go in the new season of Ozark. In White Collar (season 2, episode 5), the hero gets into a $100K freezeout cash game, picks up on the villain’s tell, then wins all the chips with the 2nd nut flush (v. 3rd nut flush) as if that was a massive hero call. Does anybody remember a scene in Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 2, episode 4) where Larry David and his wife are invited to a poker game with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and others? In the cringeworthy hand, they are playing guts, which made me feel like I had time-traveled back to the late 1970’s. Are there any shows that depict poker even remotely close to the way it’s actually played, either in a home game or a casino?

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