Angle Shooting on DraftKings

Are there any better angle shooters than the multiple-season Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants? Methinks not.

For 23 seasons of this popular “reality TV” series, a cadre of contestants attempt to woo an eligible and theoretically desirable bachelor or bachelorette into a marriage proposal. It is true love? A quick way to become an Instagram influencer? 15 minutes of fame? A payback targeted at prior failed relationships? Reality? Whatever the motives are, angle shooting and scheming abounds.

Now comes this story, about a former bachelor contestant. Let me summarize…

Jade Roper was a contest in The Bachelor (season 19) and The Bachelor in Paradise. On the latter show, she met fellow contestant Tanner Tolbert, they fell in love and got married.

Last weekend, Jade finished in 1st place on DraftKings’ “Millionaire Maker” daily fantasy sports NFL challenge. That’s a prize of $1,000,000!

DraftKings allows a maximum of 150 entries in these contests, to prevent players from gaming the system by obtaining higher than acceptable winning odds. Jade submitted exactly 150 entries for $25 each (a total of $3,750).

Lo’ and behold, her husband Tanner also submitted 150 entries of his own. 298 of the combined 300 entries were unique combinations of NFL players, with Jade using almost exclusively quarterbacks who played in Saturday’s games and Tanner using almost exclusively quarterbacks who played on Sunday.

DK entry summary

Coordinating their entries would violate DraftKings’ community guidelines prohibiting the circumvention of the 150 entry cap via collusion.

DraftKings is investigating, lawyers are being hired, Twitter is abuzz. Now that’s what I call reality!


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