Good to be the KKing

I’m at Harrah’s Cherokee this week, enjoying the juicy cash game action while the WSOP Circuit is in town. While I don’t play much tournament poker (waiting 2 days to find out if I min-cash without being able to take a mid-afternoon nap… no thanks!), I do enjoy cash games full of tournament grinders.

Anyway, this happened a few minutes ago. At $2/5, everyone folds to me on the button, I look down at K♠K and raise to $20. Both blinds call. Effective stacks are ~ $500.

The flop is J87, rainbow. Both players check and I bet $50. The small blind check-raises to $100 and the big blind folds.

SB is an Old Man Coffee looking fellow. But a few hands earlier, he check-raised smallish like this on a QT4 rainbow flop and later showed 77. I’ve never played with him before and only been at this table 30-40 minutes. The only other note I have on him was that he flatted pre-flop with AK after an earlier raise of mine.

So I call.

The turn is a K, giving me top set. This got better in a hurry, although I’m aware that I don’t have the nuts. He shoves about $400 more. I snap.

He says “straight,” tabling T9. I flip over my kings and watch a J land on the river for a full house.

It’s good to be the KKing!


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