Win Streak

A quick and not-so-humble brag –> I’ve left the table a winner in 10 consecutive no limit hold’em poker sessions.

It’s not my longest streak ever, but I’ll take it. If you always win, and sometimes win a lot, life is pretty good.

Last night was a walk-off. I was down early and nursed a short stack for a long while, doubling up three times before losing the last of it. After another buy-in, I was down some more. Then I got lucky on a river card for a meaningful double up and started closing in on the Mendoza Line. Then real close.


The game was about to break up. On the final hand, I called a small raise with J9o, getting heads-up with the raiser. The flop was 752 and we both checked, the pre-flop raiser looking rather disinterested. Another 5 came on the turn. I bet and he folded.

It was just enough to change the color of my result from red to black. The streak is alive! Long live the streak!


BONUS CONTENT: I’m now a regular contributor at PokerNews. Here is a link to my newest article!

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