Mother Goose

There was a young woman who thought she was due,

To win a large pot against you know who.

For purposes of this blog, I’ll call her “Vanessa,”

We got it all in and my hand was lesser.

Top pair, top kicker is all that is takes,

To capitalize on my aggressive mistake.

She sends me searching my pockets for cash,

As an alternative to an out-the-door dash.

Not satisfied despite stacking my chips,

And everyone else’s whose asses she whips;

Vanessa stands tall… a woman among boys,

She rules the table and treats us like toys.

As the evening hours slow roll into morning,

Vanessa leaves after a one-orbit warning.

Taking her profits off the table and out of sight,

Having gotten the best of KKing David last night.

Enjoy this moment, it was certainly earned,

You finally got the win that you yearned.

That is… until the next time we meet,

For paybacks are hell and revenge will be sweet!


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