Tells or No Tells

I’m reading Zachary Elwood’s excellent book Reading Poker Tells, trying to improve this part of my game. I can already tell a difference!

Before I finish, I found this article at about Pluribus, an artificial intelligence (AI) program that crushed a group of professional poker players in a six-handed no limit Texas Hold’em game. That is a staggering achievement for AI. While computers have been beating humans at heads-up limit Hold’em for over a decade, multi-player no limit Hold’em has taken much longer to solve.

The title of the article, “It’s Hard To Win At Poker Against An Opponent With No Tell” actually motivates me to want to finish Elwood’s book and read it again and again.

Why it that? If beating AI is hard, then the opposite – playing against human opponents who do have tells – should be easy, amiright? OK, so no, not really, that’s a logical fallacy. It’s entirely possible that both are hard.

Still… I’m going to keep reading. Next time you see me at the table, I just might be watching you in a whole different light.


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