Fish Sandwich

What happens when you get caught in the middle with a good poker hand?

You become the fish in a fish sandwich!

With pocket jacks, I raise. Two players call. For purposes of this blog, I’ll call them “Brian” and “Bam Bam,” respectively. The flop is K95 rainbow. I might still have the best hand, but both of them call my continuation bet.

In reality, they have me sandwiched. Brian has 99 and flopped middle set. He’s licking his chops and reaching for the tartar sauce.

Bam Bam has QTs and chases what to him looks like a 4-out inside straight draw. He likes to chase, unaware that I have two of his outs.

I need another jack to catch Brian, but that would give Bam Bam a straight to catch us both.

As the corollary to #TheyAlwaysHaveIt is #TheyAlwaysGetThere, a jack comes on the turn. All the money goes in; nothing changes on the river.

The 2-outer to improve my hand was the worst possible card for me. My hand became good enough to call an all-in bet but not good enough to win this big pot.

Somebody please get Bam Bam a napkin.


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