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This isn’t the only great poker blog on the world wide web. Let’s see what some of my other favorite poker bloggers are up to.

BlackRain79How to Make $20 a Day Playing Poker. From the perspective of a highly successful micro-stakes online in Thailand (where the minimum wage is about $10/day), Nathan Williams explains the poker system he developed to produce consistent winnings at the low stakes online games.

CardPlayerLifestyle – 100 Bracelets in 2019: Too Many or Not Enough? More great content from Robbie Strazynski and his team of guest writers. In this op-ed piece, James Guill notes that the WSOP will award over 100 bracelets globally in 2019, debating whether the value of a bracelet is getting watered down. He even mentions my good friend Tom Reynolds on a list of “do you know who I am” champions.

Exceptional PokerATo in Early Position. Here’s an analysis of a reverse implied odds situation, and why that should be avoided, from Mark Warner. These are hands that can connect well with the flop and still often by dominated by better hands.

Lightning36R.I.P Luke Perry … Who Probably Thought that I Was a Creeper. In this post, Lighting recalls being observed by Luke Perry while repeatedly gawking at Lauren Holly during a Comic Con convention in 2012.

Nolan DallaIs Michael Jackson’s Legacy Ruined Forever? Dalla’s acerbic writing style delivers a harsh verdict based on HBO’s devastating documentary “Leaving Neverland.” Another entertainment icon falls into disgrace. Will those profiting from Jackson’s legacy – such as the Cirque de Soleil – pull the rip cord?

Out of PositionMore Vlogs Revealed. A deep thinker who actually cares about good writing, Persuadeo gives us a review of three popular poker vlogs… Johnny Vibes, Detroit Poker and Adam Rude. Vlogging is the ‘in’ thing right now. Should KKing David get in front of the camera too?

Rob’s Vegas and Poker BlogStranded in Vegas. This has turned into more of a dissertation than blog post, now with 12 chapters chronicling the saga of Rob’s car woes on his Christmas trip to Las Vegas. As usual, Rob provides stunning pictures to maintain reader interest, but be forewarned that no detail has been omitted from this story.

The Poker BafferUnexploitable Life: Balancing Emotional Ranges. Cynical about poker players who seem to cherry pick from the field of Positive Psychology, Kat Arnsby delivers some wonderful lines, like… “If you perceive that not being a world-class poker player is making you unhappy, but you’re jogging about the place, lifting weights and eating carrots as an excuse not to whack out the software and analyse your leaks, then maybe it’s time to assess whether you truly want what you think you want.” Methinks she has a point.

The Poker ModelKiller Crossover. What happens when a good flop improves to an even better hand on the turn, only to run into an atrocious river card? Brett Stokar walks us through a recent hand example.

Thinking PokerRough River. Podcast hosts Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis present an all-strategy episode. What happens when you flop the nut straight and the board pairs on the river? Listen to Andrew and Nate explore villain ranges and alternative lines in search of the optimal approach to each hand.

Tommy AngeloWould You Take This Bet? In this post, Tommy presents a provocative thought experiment, in the form of a prop bet about your bluffing skills. If you always, always had the worst hand, could you eke out a profit over 5,000 hours of play? Would you take the bet? Read the conditions carefully before answering.

Your Poker DealerHow to be a Poker Dealer. Ever thought about dealing instead of playing? An actual dealer (who privately tells me he doesn’t even like poker anymore) outlines the responsibilities of the dealer and how to become a pro at it.


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