Questions from the Felt

poker questions

A few musings after a Saturday night poker game:

  1. Do the biggest assholes at the poker table even have a clue how truly insufferable they are?
  2. Should the massage therapist charge a premium when she has to look at butt cracks?  See also #1.
  3. Larry BirdWhen an 85-year-old woman playing poker tells you her favorite basketball player was Larry Bird, and you realize she has the exact same hair style and eye color as the Hall of Famer, what should you say?
  4. If someone says “nice hand” to the quiet guy with a short stack when he doubles up, is she obligated to say “nice hand” to the assholes whenever they win a pot?  See also #1.
  5. Why is chocolate addictive?
  6. Should frequency of masturbation ever be discussed with new acquaintances?  See also #1.
  7. Do dealers deserve pre-game hugs?
  8. Is showing a bluff ever wise?  See also #1
  9. Would Brett Kavanaugh cheer for the Brewers over the Dodgers in Game 7 of the NLCS?
  10. If you weren’t alive yet when Elvis died, why bring it up?  See also #1.
  11. If someone offers to buy out your High Hand and says the offer is good “up until the jackpot is paid,” is the offer binding if another player makes an even higher hand?
  12. If I bet $15 into a pot of $120 after flopping a set of aces, will one of the assholes spazz out and jam?


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