Backdoor quad draw

quads kings four-of-a-kind

Thursday night poker, on the second hand of the night the flop comes out king-high with all hearts.  I was the last to arrive and still getting settled into my seat, arranging my chips, enjoying the first sips of beer.  One player bets.  For purposes of this blog, I’ll call him “Jeff.”

This is a friendly home game, and the chatter is loud as good friends are catching up on the past week.  Another player raises.  For purposes of this blog, I’ll call him “Greg.”

An October trip to Las Vegas is being planned, and early indications indicate (that’s what indications do, right?) that several of us are committing to go.  Maybe we’ll stay somewhere different this time.  Jeff announces “all-in!”

I adjust my seat height and enjoy another sip of beer.  I worked up a good sweat at the gym today.  Isn’t beer amazing when the body is ready to absorb it like a sponge?  Greg shrugs and says “OK, I call.”

We suddenly have a 300+ big blinds pot.  Did anyone bring popcorn?

Jeff tables Qh 8h, for the 2nd nut flush.  Greg tables Ah Kc, for top pair, top kicker and a nut flush draw.  Jeff asks if Greg wants to run it three times?  Greg says no thanks, he’s willing to run it twice but doesn’t like three times.  Jeff says no thanks, so they run it once.

The turn is another king.  Hello!  Greg gained a bunch of additional outs…

The river is the 4th king.  Boom!  Greg scoops the pot.

PLO poker game


“Hay Greg,” interrupts another player.  “How much weight did you give to the backdoor quad draw when you decided to call Jeff’s all-in bet?”

Jeff, looking like a not-so-dapper version of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank after his team’s meltdown at the end of Super Bowl LI, buys more chips.  I sip more beer.  It’s going to be a fun night…

poker hand cooler bad beat


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