PLO update, part 4

PLO vs Texas Holdem equity comparison

Another update to my online low-stakes PLO play.

I continue to make plenty of mistakes, but overall winning just a bit.

Rather than catalog specific hands, I’ve developed a summary of spots where I’ve gotten all-in prior to the river card.

PLO all-in summary table

In heads-up situations, I’ve been the favorite 62% of the time, and won 60%.  That’s OK.  Sometimes you’ll been an underdog, but the pot is already large enough that calling is correct.  For example, on a combo draw that will improve to a winning hand 40% of the time, calling a pot-sized turn bet is always correct.  Getting 2:1 pot odds, you need 33.3% or greater equity for this to be a profitable call.  Of course, this also explains many villain calls when they are behind.

In 3-way all-ins, I’ve done quite well, getting it in as a favorite 60% of the time, and winning 70%.  Admittedly this is a small sample.

Still a lot to learn to become successful at Pot Limit Omaha.

For now, I think one leak in my game is a tendency to be too passive.  I’m reluctant to 3-bet pre-flop without a super strong hand, and need to improve at identifying spots for lighter 3-betting.  This is tricky at a 6-max table.  When I’m on the cutoff or button, prior raisers tend to have strong ranges based on their relatively earlier position.  When the raiser is the cutoff or button, thus with a wider range, I’m often in the small or big blind, with a positional disadvantage for all post-flop betting rounds.  With deeper stacks, PLO is very difficult from out-of-position.


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  1. I think I need a refresher course. I thought that I did pretty well years ago. Over the past year or two when I decide to donk off a few bucks in online PLO, I don’t seem to do so well.

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