Everyone Can Play Poker

Socrates Citizen of the World

I’m reading Start With Why, by Simon Sinek.  Still a long way to go.

The basic premise is that companies that first articulate why they are in business before explaining what they do or how they do it are more likely to inspire their customers (as opposed to manipulating them).  Prominent examples include Apple and Harley-Davidson.

This makes me think about why I enjoy playing poker so much.

It’s actually rather simple –> because everyone can play.

The rules and mechanics are simple.  The minimally required equipment is cheap.  The price of entry is low.  Not only can everyone play, but anyone can win.  Each poker game functions as its own meritocracy.  There is no sustainable advantage or disadvantage conferred on a player based social status, demographics, education level or the myriad other factors that wreak havoc and undermine merit in most other parts of our society.


Socrates said he was not an Athenian or Greek, but “a citizen of the world.”  This is why I love the poker community; every citizen of the world can play.


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