From’s poker dictionary, with examples from yours truly:

Bink – A term used by poker players to describe someone catching one of their outs to a draw. More commonly used to describe a longshot draw that comes in.

Dude, I had pocket tens.  The flop was queen-jack-four and everybody checked.  Another queen came on the turn and I called a small bet.  Then I binked one of the two remaining tens on the river for a full house.

A Cooler is when you are dealt a very very strong hand only to have your opponent be dealt an even stronger hand. There usually is no way you can avoid losing all of your chips in instances like these.

My full house got crushed by a bigger boat.  What a cooler!  This was the day after another cooler when I flopped a queen-high flush and this other dude flopped a king-high flush.

Running bad – Having a string of tough luck, typically involving multiple bad beats or coolers.

KKing David sure is running bad lately.  He binked a river 2-outer for a full house when Patrick was already sitting pretty with a bigger boat on the turn.  If this keeps up, he’ll start acting like Mr. White in Season 1 of Breaking Bad.


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