WSOP Event 42 review

Just busted out of my first ever WSOP bracelet event.  Event #42 this year was a $1,500 buy-in, no limit Texas Holdem tournament, with extended blind levels.  All of the other $1,500 tournaments have blinds increasing every 60 minutes.  This one has blinds increasing every 90 minutes.

I made it to the middle of level 4, but really nothing ever happened for me.

With a starting stack of 7,500 chips, I peaked at barely over 8,000 by making a straight on the last hand of level 1 (I had T8, called a very small raise from the BB, and board went J87-6-9.  We both checked the flop, and I check/called the turn and river, expecting this villain to fire bluffs on both streets.  No point in raising however.)

Level 2 came and went and I don’t recall winning a single pot.  I tried to make a couple of moves.  Once I had call a pre-flop raise with KJo, and the flop was JT8 with 2 clubs.  The pre-flop opener bet 600 (blinds were now 50/100), I raised to 1,400.  My image then – if anyone was paying any attention to me at all – had to be extremely tight.  The button called my raise – a Philippine kid who was making huge hands left and right.  Then the opener goes all-in.  So much for my tight image.  Philippine guy then calls again, having flopped the nuts with Q9.  Another hand folded around to the button with me in the SB.  Button raised to 250, I re-raised (with J8s – just trying to steal here) to 800, then BB 4-bets to 1,900.  Uh-oh.  Gotta fold.

Level 3 the blinds were 75/150 and I started that level with just under 4,500 chips (30 BBs).  Once I raised pre-flop with KQo and Philippine kid calls.  I totally miss the flop, he calls my C-bet, then he puts me all-in on the turn after I check.  Uh-oh again.  Gotta fold.  He said he had TT.  Doesn’t matter as all I had was K-high.

Later in level 3 I open-shoved all-in three times with about 15-16 BBs.  All three times everybody folded and I picked up the blinds.  My hands were QhJh, As9s, and AK0.

When level 4 started, I was down to 11 BBs and really have no option other than folding and shoving here.  Just trying to find a good spot and there are a couple of stacks big enough to call with just about anything.  Finally with 8.5 BBs on the button, everyone folds to me and I have Ad6d.  Good enough!  I shove and SB with a deep stack calls with KhTd.  I have 59% equity in this pot.  At least I got it in with the better hand.

Until the K comes on the flop, and blanks on the turn and river.


Never had any traction this entire tournament.


    1. He was wearing a hat from Sacramento and gave the impression of living there at present. I could consider moving to Sacramento. LOL. Although I saw him walking (slowly, aimlessly) through the casino floor later on… BEFORE the end of the day’s play in the tournament.

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