Click here to watch this hand I played today on Bovada’s Zone Poker.

There is so much injustice in poker it is amazing.  Coolers, bad beats, suckouts, missed opportunities and the like seem to be everywhere.

On this hand, I probably should have simply folded right away.  I probably should have folded when the BB 3-bet pre-flop.  When he checked in an Ace-high flop, I actually thought he probably had something like KK or QQ and the ace scared him, and considered making a strong bet right there to try and steal it.  It was probably the presence of a 3rd player that kept me from trying that.

On the flop, our Villain has 86.6% equity.


How unjust the outcome here.

What a wonderful world we live in.

Watch the hand again on the Share My Pair replayer.  Just wonderful, delightful, fantastic.


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