Cliff Diving

Last night I was playing small stakes online when I got pocket 9’s under the gun, made a fairly standard raise to 3BB’s, and only one caller – who has a short stack of just 42 BB’s at the start of the hand.  Over 45 hands, his VPIP was 22, and PFR 7.  A bit passive, nothing extraordinary.

The flop was 7h 6h 3h.

I have the 9h, for an overpair and rather weak flush draw.

At this moment I decide that I’ll be willing to dive off the cliff with this hand on the flop.  I’ll make a standard-ish sized C-bet of 4 BB’s, and if he raises I’m willing to get it all in.  If he simply calls, I’ll have the reevaluate on the turn.  But a raise is more likely to be a top pair / top kicker or big flush draw than a made flush.  It’s so nice to be able to think these out so your decisions are easier than your opponent’s decisions.

He raises to 12 BB’s and I quickly shove.

Cliff diving


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