Daily Debacle – When Not to Semi-Bluff

Still back at the micro-stakes rebuilding my confidence and playing $0.05 / 0.10 NL online.

In this hand I have As 6s in the cutoff seat and the action is folded to me.  I make my standard opening raise to $0.30, the button re-raises to $0.50, and the small blind calls.  Big blind folds, and it is $0.20 more to me, with $1.40 now in the pot.  Getting 7-to-1, I call.

Flop ($1.60):  7h Ts Js.  Nut flush draw for me.  The small blind, with only $1.18 remaining in his stack, quickly goes all-in.  I have approx. $7.00 behind and call.  Button also calls.

Turn ($5.14): Qc.  Missed.  The button now has $2.86 behind and I have him covered.

Since there is not side pot at this point and the SB is already all-in, a semi-bluff accomplishes nothing.  I should assume SB has something with showdown value – perhaps a simple top pair / good kicker type of hand, or 2-pair, or a set.  He may have a straight draw or weaker flush draw.  But regardless, I cannot push him off the pot.  Repeat:  I cannot push a player who is already all-in off the pot.  CANNOT!

If I check, the button may also check and I’ll get a free card.

I’m really not sure why I did this, other than a brain fart or mini-tilt of some sort, but I shove all-in on the turn.  The button quickly calls.

SB:  Ks Jc, for a pair of jacks with a king kicker, and a straight draw.

Button:  Jh 9c for a pair of jacks with a nine kicker, and the idiot end of a straight draw.

River:  brick!

Stupid play.  I could have saved some money here.  Won’t get out of these micro stakes if I keep playing like I belong here.

Year-to-date online results: (- $1882)

Month-to-date online results:  + $23

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