Daily Debacle – Pocket Aces / Easy Fold

I actually played this hand right, but it sure didn’t go the way I wanted.

Last night in a private live cash game, $0.25 / 0.50 NL Hold’em.  It’s getting late and the game is going to break up in less than an hour.  Everyone is a regular.

I get AA in late/middle position.  Two players limp in front of me.  I raise to $2.75, a pot-sized raise.  5 players call, including both of the limpers.

Yes, five!  Jeez, this a a formula for getting hammered.  AA is so hard to fold and with six players in the hand, one pair is not very likely to win.  Against 5 random hands, AA is only 48% favorite to win.  Actually I was surprised upon seeing this figure, expecting it to be even lower.  Maybe I’ll hit a set on the flop…

Flop ($16.50):  Td 9d 8d.  It doesn’t get any wetter than that.  Straights, flushes, straight flushes…

I check to see if I have the A of diamonds.  Nope.

The small blind (Gary) leads out for $2, kinda small and suspicious if you ask me.  One of the limpers (Chad) calls.  The next limper (Darryl) raises to $10.  Hmmm…  A bet, call and raise all in front of the pre-flop aggressor.

After waiting patiently all night for a hand like this, my brain is struggling to send the nerve signals to my hand muscles to toss my pocket rockets into the muck.  But really!  This is probably the easiest fold of AA I’ll ever get.  Common sense prevails and I much the cards, followed by everyone else.  Darryl shows 6d 4d for a flopped baby flush.

Just for fun, the dealer runs out the remaining cards, which includes the 2d which would have made a 4-card flush on the board.

Just sayin…..


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