Daily Debacle – 15 steps to full raging tilt

Two brutal sessions on consecutive days:  first at $1/2 NL, then dropped down to $0.50/1.00 NL online.  Things that might make you go on tilt:

1.  You have Ah Js in the hijack seat.  After playing super tight for a long stretch, you open raise and the button 3-bets.  Your pissed about not hitting any decent hands and shove, he calls with Ad Ks and neither hand improves.  $163 in the pot.

2.  Your 99 gets into a 3-way pre-flop all-in with Qc 7c short stack (huh?) and KK even shorter stack..  The board comes out 7d 2c 6h 7h Jc and the Q7 hand scoops the pot.  $250 in the pot.

3.  You limp in with Qd 9d, and call a 3x raise.  The flop is 2d Td 6d.  Yahtzee!!!  The turn and river are 8h 5d.  Still Yahtzee!!!  All the chips get in and villain shows Kd 7d.   $293 in the pot.

4.  You get AA in the small blind and raise to 4BB’s over one limper, who calls.  The board comes Qc 5s 2h 9c 8c.  All the chips get in on the turn and villain shows Qd 9h.  $317 in the pot.

5.  On one table, you go 40 consecutive hands without winning a pot.  Total “invested” is $86 during this strecth.  Later on the same table, you go through 53 consecutive hands during which you win the blinds only on 3 hands.  On the 54th hand, you get Qs Td and the board comes Qh 8c 4c Ts 7d.  Villain shows Th Tc.  With your holding one of the Tens, he had only one out in the deck at the flop.  $507 in the pot.

6.   You have 9s 8s in the cutoff.  Board comes out 7h Qc 9d 9h Jh.  Villain called your pre-flop raise from the button, and shoved his short stack on the turn with Ts 8d.  $98 in the pot.

7.  You have Ah 7h on the button and call a min-raise.  Flop comes 6s 4h 3h and you raise all-in.  Villain shows 3d 3c and none of your outs come.  $89 in the pot.

8.  You call a small raise from the cutoff with 5c 3c.  (Don’t ask why!)  Board comes out 8c 6c 4d 3h 7c.  Villain made higher flush with Qc Jc.  $133 in the pot.

9.  You call a min-raise from the hijack seat with Ts 9c.  Board comes out 2h 7d Jc 9h 8c.  Villain in the cutoff shows Qh Td and his nut straight beats your 2nd nut straight.  $172 in the pot.

10.  Short stacked and pissed, action folds to you on the button with Ac 9h.  You raise, SB 3-bets (re-stealing?) and you ship it all-in.  His Anna Quornikova holds up, actually making a Broadway straight.  $78 in the pot.

11.  You have TT in the big blind, and raise to $4 over two limpers.  One of them (with a short stack) check-raises on a flp of 5c 3d 2h and you call.  The turn is Jd and he goes all-in.  You call.  He shows 5s 3s and his two pair prevails.  $87 in the pot.

12.  You have As Kd in the cutoff seat.  A middle position player limps after 2 folds.  You raise to $3, the button calls and everyone else folds.  Now the limper 3-bets to $15.  You are short stacked and 4-bet all-in.  Villains shows KK and they hold up.  $60 in the pot.

13.  You get AA on the button.  After a min-raise and call, you 3-bet to $5.  Both players call. The board comes out 9d 9s 5c Js 6d.  Villain makes a full house with his Jh 9h.  $133 in the pot.

14.  From the small blind, you make a pot-sized bluff on the river when a scare card comes, on a board of Ad 6c Js 3d 6d.  You are representing a flush but have nothing whatsoever.  Villain, however, does indeed have a flush.  $59 in the pot.

15.  You limp/call a raise from the hijack seat with 8h 6c.  (Tilt already setting in, any surprise after what’s happened so far?)  The board comes out 6s 7h 9h Th.  A straight plus an open-ended flush draw.  Villain has Ah Qh.  River is a brick.  $130 in the pot.

Let’s review:

1. AJ suited loses to AK off suit in pre-flop war.

2.  99 loses to Q7 suited, in pre-flop war.

3.  Flopped Q-high flush loses to flopped K-high flush.

4.  AA loses to Q9 making 2-pair.

5.  QT making 2-pair loses to set of T’s.

6.  Trips lose to a straight.

7.  Nut flush + gutshot draw loses to trips.

8.  Small flush loses to big flush.

9.  Straight loses to nut straight.

10.  A9o loses to AQo in button vs. blind pre-flop war.

11.  Pocket TT loses to 53s flopping 2 pair.

12.  AK loses to KK after pre-flop war.

13.  AA cracked by J9s.

14.  Bluff representing flush loses to actual flush.

15.  Straight + open-ended straight flush draw loses to A-high flush.

All in two sessions in the same weekend.

Total of these pots lost = $2,655.

Year-to-date online results:  (- $1,470)

Month-to-date online results:  (- $961)


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