Daily Debacle – Fold KK v. pre-flop shove?

Playing in a private cash game last night, $0.25 /0.50 NL.  $50 buy-in for all players, with 9 players in the game.  All are regulars.

We are still very early in the session, having played no more than 2 orbits.  I’ve won one decent pot and up to about $60.

In this hand, I’m the SB and look down at pocket kings.  So I’m salivating for the action to get to me.

The UTG player (I’ll call him “Brian”) opens with a raise to $2.50.  He plays mostly ABC poker but has been working at opening up his game a bit in selected spots.  Still, Brian’s range for an UTG raise is pretty tight and strong.

Middle position player calls.  He’s pretty loose and likes to see lots of flops.  He’ll call with just about any two cards that connect in any way – suited, connected, 1- and 2-gappers, etc.

Cutoff also calls.  She also likes to get involved in multi-way pots, and will 3-bet with very strong hands.

Everyone else folds to me in the SB.  I decide to slightly overbet, to $15.  Brian might spazz out here with AK, QQ or JJ and call or shove.  MP might put me on a move of some sort and also call.  He tends to suspect everyone else to be bluffing often.  If either Brian or MP calls, the cutoff might also call so as not to miss out on a large pot.

BB (I’ll call him “Mike”) fairly quickly announced “I’m all-in!”  WTF?  He is a very strong tournament player who is less comfortable in cash games and therefore tends to play a bit tighter in cash games.  I’ve played with him in many tournaments and a few cash games.  I’m sure he would make this move with AA, given my raise size.  He’s also astute enough to know that Brian’s range is strong, and that I also know that and therefore my range is super-strong.  While I’m perceived as capable of making squeeze / steal moves pre-flop, I’m not nearly as likely to do so after Brian raised from UTG.

I’m trying to figure out what Mike would shove with other than AA.  Maybe AK suited?  (Only 2 combinations since I have KK.)  Maybe KK (only 1 combination).  QQ?  I doubt it, given UTG’s and my actions.

Now Brian, MP and Cutoff all fold.

I’ve never folded KK pre-flop.  Never.  Can I do it here?  Should I?

I stare at Mike for a few seconds and ask if he has Aces?  He shrugs.  I’ve seen that same shrug once before when I asked the same question in a tournament last year.  That time, I called and he did have Aces.

Since we’re also good friends, I ask if he’ll show his cards if I fold and also show my cards.  He agrees to do so.

I cannot believe this… I fold my KK face up.  Against an unknown player or several of the other players at this table, I would have called.  But I know Mike too well.

Mike shows AK suited.

The dealer flips over the flop, turn and river just for grins and I would have won this pot.

Year-to-date online results:  (- $582)

Month-to-date online results:  (- $74)


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