May I Un-fold? Ple-e-e-ease?

This happened last night at a private home game, playing $0.50 – 0.50 Pot Limit Hold’em.  Everyone started with $50 and I’ve played solid and now up to about $115.

It’s getting late and I’ve tightened up some, partly due to a past history of getting loose and spewy towards the end of a session in search of one last big pot.

In this hand Villain 1 has a slightly smaller stack, I’d guess around $80-90 and is in early position.  Villain 2 is even shorter, with about $35 and in the Big Blind.

V1 makes a pot-sized raise to $3, one caller, and I am in the cutoff with QTo.  I have a strong urge to call.  I really want to see a flop.  This has been a loose game and surely there will be at least one more caller for a good-sized multi-way pot.  On the other hand, this can be easily dominated.  There are multiple scenarios where I can end up putting more and more $$ in the pot and lose.  I could get a straight draw and miss.  I could get top pair and out-kicked.  I could get middle pair.

I convince myself – I think this is correct – to fold.

Button and BB both call, and the flop is Kc Jc 5h.  Open-ended straight draw, and also a flush draw on the board.

Everybody checks.  Dang!  I really want to be in this pot now.  Given my desire not to spew late in the session, I’m sure I would have taken the free card.

Turn ($12) – 9s.  Gin!

BB (V2) checks, V1 makes a pot-sized bet of $12 and everybody folds back to V2 who calls.

River ($36) – Ad.  Now I would have had the stone cold nuts.  I think I’m going to puke.

V2 checks and V1 asks how much he has remaining.  He has $20 and V1 bets that amount, with a quick call by V2 (with a deep sigh, as if recognizing he was beat and maybe he was ready to go home anyway).

V1 has 99 for a set of nines made on the turn.

V2 has AJo for two pair.

V1 says “I was hoping you didn’t have the QT for a straight but even if you did I wasn’t folding, and rakes in $76 pot.

I might have stacked them both.

Year-to-date & month-to-date online results:  + $543.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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