Multi-barreling short-handed

This happened last night at a $2-4 no limit hold’em online table.  A new table was just formed and still playing short-handed while waiting for more players.  Right now there are 4 players.

Hero (me) in BB:  $286

Villain is UTG:  $405 (only been at the table a few hands, no information)

I am dealt 6-5 off suit.

V raise to $10 and both other players fold.

I hate being a wuss short handed, even though this is a clear fold.  I have two low cards and will be out of position for the entire hand.  Given my recent desire to be more disciplined about position, just FOLD.

But this short-handed, I tell myself, so V’s raise cannot be automatically assumed to mean strength.  Yes, he is under-the-gun.  But looked at differently, he is the cutoff, a prime blind-stealing position.

I call.

($22)  Flop is 2d 5h Qc.  Yay!  I caught a piece of it.

I lead out with a bet of $15 and V calls.  His call could indicate that he thinks my donk-bet (leading into the pre-flop raiser) is a feeble attempt to steal the pot.  Perhaps he has a pocket pair lower than QQ, such as 66-JJ, and isn’t ready to give up with just one overcard.  I like my chances of winning here by firing another barrel.

($52)  The turn is 3d.  I want to take this pot, and lead out with $40.  Plus, now I have a gutshot straight draw.  Any 6, 5 or 4 helps my hand.  Again V calls, not very quickly.

($132)  The river is 2s, pairing the board, but really this is inconsequential.  I think about giving up here, but now the pot has a decent amount of money in it, and I want it.  In fact, I think I deserve it for being bold enough to fire multiple barrels in this short-handed situation, and V has not fought back on any street.  So I bet $100.

V takes about 15 seconds and calls, showing QT off suit.  His very mediocre opening cards made top pair on the flop, and he could not, would not let go despite the medium kicker.

I lost… no make that spewed away $165 on this hand.

As the cockatoos said, “Some people never learn.”

Year-to-date online results:  +$9285

Month-to-date online results:  +$366

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