KKings Prevail

This is a simple cooler from last night, playing online at $1-2 no limit.

I had played a session earlier in the day and was down $85.  Now I’m pretty early into another session get A-A on the button.

The player UTG makes a min-raise to $4 and another player re-raises to $9.50.  I make it $21.75 total and the re-raiser calls.

On a flop of Q-8-6 with two diamonds, there is a betting flurry and quickly all the money is in the middle, for a total pot of $392.  It occurs to me that the villain likely has a premium pair to be betting this way, and it’s either K-K or Q-Q.  He would be foolish to shove it all in so readily with J-J or lower.  If it’s K-K, I’m thrilled and will give myself a “you da’ man!” pat the back.  If it’s Q-Q, this post would be all about learning when and how to fold A-A on the flop, which I can never seem to do.  I also consider, very very briefly, the possibility of a lower set and a flush draw.

I have a nano-second of euphoria upon seeing the villain’s K-K, lasting until another K hits on the turn card.  My back remains unpatted.

Maybe this blog is helping though, as I resolve NOT to tilt, do a few breathing exercises, and grind on.

Year-to-date online results:  + $6,427

Month-to-date online results:  + $1,091

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