My #1 Secret for Exploiting Other Poker Players

If I could show you a way to exploit your opponents, with ease, on nearly 90% of all No Limit Texas Hold’em hands, would you do it?


That’s the message… just friggin’ fold.

Typically there are nine players at a table. Your fair share of pots is 1/9, or about 11.1%.

That means 88.9% of the time, you will NOT win pot. Now think about how that makes it way more important to minimize your losses on the hands you are going to lose than it is to maximize your winnings on the hands you win.

Outplaying your opponents with well targeted bluffs is sexy. Springing a trap when mediocre starting cards turn into a monster hand is thrilling. I like sexy thrills (or thrilling sex?) too.

But denying the other eight villains access to your chips in the pots they win is the easiest, most exploitative play in poker.

Some exceptions apply, but try doing more of the following and watch your overall win rate go up:

Fold almost everything in early position.

Fold those junky-ass cards in the small blind when no one has raised the pot.

Fold that gutshot straight draw on the flop.

Fold that middle pair on the flop after a bet and call.

Fold those set-mining pocket pairs when you miss.

Fold that top pair against aggressive betting on a dynamic board.

Every time you make a good fold, congratulate yourself for exploiting your opponents. Incredibly, they won’t even realize they’ve been outplayed. They might get overconfident.


When your winning hand arrives, you get to exploit them again, by taking advantage of their failure to read and absorb the lessons of this blog post.

After you win their chips, keep them!

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