Happiness is hitting a river 1-outer in an online PLO game to get unstuck after losing two buy-ins in less than 45 minutes.

It feels dirty but oh so good.

On the turn it looked like this (I’m Player 1, in the big blind, with a stack of 180 BBs):


We were 3-handed and there was no pre-flop raise. I flopped a full house, bet pot (which was only 3 BBs at that point), and both called. On the turn, the small blind – by far the most aggressive player at the table – led out with a pot-sized bet. Wary (and thinking about changing the name of this blog to “They Always Have It and You Don’t”), I flatted. Then the button, a much more passive player, made a pot-sized raise. SB called.

Me? I almost shoved right there, ’cause why not light the rest of my money on fire when I know, in my heart of hearts, the button has KQ?

I should fold. But I’m not that good at PLO and probably never will be. Maybe a miracle will happen in the form of the case ten.

BANG BANG! T♠ on the river.

Small blind checks, I ship it, and the button (Player 2) calls for slightly less.


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