Heaters Gonna Heat

Every once in awhile, amid all the bad beats, coolers, suckouts and tilt, a bona fide heater comes along. Savor the moment!

Last night I played less than three hours of poker, and had…

  • AK on the very first hand, which my 3-bet won uncontested
  • A3s flopped trip 3’s and turned a full house when an ace came
  • 77 and flopped middle set
  • 44 and flopped a set, rivered quads
  • AJo and called a short stack after he 3-bet shoved with AQo and had one other caller. The board ran out QT9-Q-8.
  • AA and put villain all-in on the turn. He had flopped bottom set. An ace on the river saved me
  • 55 and flopped bottom set, villain check-raised all-in on the turn
  • 9♠7 on the last hand of the night and the flop was J♠T♠8♠

And didn’t lose any of these nor any other consequential pots.

It doesn’t matter whether I got maximum value from each hand nor how much money I won. That’s not the point of this post.

For a couple of magical hours I was able to escape the grind, instead soaring on the mysterious winds of variance. How many times has some poker guru pointed out that “variance is your friend,” followed by a math lesson?

Hello friend! Will you still respect me in the morning? Will I see you again soon? Can’t you just stay forever?


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  1. I had one of those magic moments once a few years ago at Bally’s Las Vegas. The only problem was that I felted several guys at my table, then others left and the table broke! It started anew at my new table, but then fizzled back to normal. The feeling was outstanding!

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