Nit Rolled

“I’d rather be slow rolled than nit rolled!”

So said the poker player on my right, a familiar face who for purposes of this blog I’ll call “Myles.” Myles had just made a river bluff on a board of K-Q-T-9-x and the other player had taken about a full minute before calling with a J in his hand to fill in the straight. For purposes of this blog, I’ll call that guy “Chad.”

While the context made the meaning of “nit rolled” obvious, I confess to not hearing this poker term before.

The Urban Dictionary describes nit rolling as a player taking a long time to make an obvious call. The Poker Dictionary includes this term as well, when a tight player is unsure whether or not he has the best hand resulting in an extra long pause before calling.

While Chad didn’t have the absolute nuts, Myles’ bet wasn’t extraordinarily large, so Chad’s delay seemed disproportionate.

Is that really worse than a slow roll? Not for me. When I get slow rolled, there’s an instant emotional reaction, anger at being tricked into the expectation of winning, wanting revenge and fast too, because what kind of sonofabitch does that? [2019 update: I’m over that, having concluded that Slowrolling is Overrated.]

Nit rolling, on the other hand, tells me something valuable about my image. Nit rolling tells me I have an excess of credibility, a feature to be exploited in my favor. Soon. I’ll take some chips from the nit roller; notsomuch from the slow roller.

Anyway, Myles and Chad have a friendly relationship, and the table enjoyed a good laugh. It was pointed out that even worse than getting nit rolled would be getting Rick rolled, and all who understood quickly agreed.


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  1. Throughly enjoy reading all of your postings. I used to play in some of the same games that you are a part of and the stories keep me in touch in a way. I hope to one day be able to do battle with you fine citizens again one day. Look forward to the next story. Keep up the great work.

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